Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dr. Livingstone's festival hat - a VU meter Pith Helmet #wearable #arduino #diy #neopixel

This hack did I do together with Erik Stenberg. This started when I show him a top hat with LED strip and he said I have a Pith Helmet we should put LEDs on it.

Dr. Livingstone's festival hat



Circuit Diagram

Connect the neopixels to D1 and the microphone to A1. The capacitor is for stabilizing the voltage, otherwise it will start to fluctuating when the battery is used for a while. Resulting in strange behaviour. 

Use thread with matching color to the hat to stitch it to the underside of the brim.  


The code is a modified version of the code for Adafruits LED Ampli-Tie


Happy hacking!


Monday, February 17, 2014

LED Bracelet - Accelerometer. #3dprinting #wearable #arduino #3DxJewelry

To get the bracelet to interact with the environment I added an 3-axis accelerometer for catching the wearers movements.

The bracelet will cycle throw the color wheal slow and if get shaken it hop a few colours and if shaken for longer time it start to sparkel. It will run for about 3 and a half hour on a charge.

To get the code to work and fit on the trinket/gemma I had to rewrite Adafruit LSM303 library to use TinyWireM and int32_t instead of float to save space, I also remove the compass part of the library. The Arduino sketch is 5,214 bytes of a 5,310 byte maximum.

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  • 3D printer
  • Soldering iron



Download at thingivers


Circuit Diagram

Connect the led stripe to D1 to one of the trinkets pins, I use pin 1, and connect +5v to the battery positiv and GRD to negativ. To connect the accelerometer use pin 0 for SDA and pin 2 for SCL.


Happy hacking!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

New design of the LED bracelet. #3dprinting #wearable #arduino #3DxJewelry #neopixel

Changed the design of the LED bracelet to a solid curved body and using 144 LEDs/m neopixel stripe to light it instead of 60 LEDs/m. 3D files can be found at Thingiverse

Happy hacking!