Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Neopixel VU earrings - #wearable #arduino @adafruit

This hack was inspired by Adafruit Gemma Hoop Earrings and the first version of the earrings used an accelerometer instead of a microphone to react on the environment. Having trouble to create any good patterns with the accelerometer and found the small INMP401 mic, same as the bracelet use, it was a easy decision to switch to use a mic instead.

I build the earrings with Vesta Schelin



  • Soldering iron


Circuit Diagram

Start by solder the ring and Gemma together.  D1 -> Data Input, GND -> GND and Vout -> Power 5v

Connect the mic on the front side A1 -> AUD, GND -> GND and 3Vo -> VCC. Important to use the 3.3v out from the Gemma and not Vout.

To add a power switch to the earrings desolder the positive pin on the jst connector. Plugin a female jst connector, not connected to a battery, when desolder otherwise the pin will move inside the connector.

Put the switch on different sids of the ear wires to differ left from right

Use dubble sided tape to attach battery


Copy and upload the code to the Gemma

Want a VU bracelet instead check out 3D printed VU LED bracelet.

Happy hacking!


  1. Excellent! Will this work on any Arduino based controller..? (with the changes in the IDE)

    1. I have run it on a few different types of arduinos. If I remember correctly the memory is the limiting factor.