Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dr. Livingstone's festival hat - a VU meter Pith Helmet #wearable #arduino #diy #neopixel

This hack did I do together with Erik Stenberg. This started when I show him a top hat with LED strip and he said I have a Pith Helmet we should put LEDs on it.

Dr. Livingstone's festival hat



Circuit Diagram

Connect the neopixels to D1 and the microphone to A1. The capacitor is for stabilizing the voltage, otherwise it will start to fluctuating when the battery is used for a while. Resulting in strange behaviour. 

Use thread with matching color to the hat to stitch it to the underside of the brim.  


The code is a modified version of the code for Adafruits LED Ampli-Tie


Happy hacking!


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