Thursday, January 30, 2014

3D printed LED bracelet. #wearable #neopixel #trinket #3dprinting #3DxJewelry

This project started when I printed Diagrid Bracelet by nervoussystem and got the idea to add some LEDs to it. I may be little obsess withe LEDs at the moment, led-jar, music visualiser.  A trinket is controlling the led strip but any smal microcontroller‎ should do. The bracelet is printed on a Form 1 using withe resin. It is still a work in progress but start to look quite nice.



  • 3D printer
  • Soldering iron




Circuit Diagram

Connect the led stripe to D1 to one of the trinkets pins, I use pin 1, and connect +5v to the battery positiv and GRD to negativ.

First version off electronics
Version 2 has a connector so it can be disconnected from the bracelet


I went through a few different versions.
Version one and two are design using openscad but when I tried to add holes to the design the program crashed after compiling a hour or so. So I tested with rhino for osx , sketchup and ended up using 123D Design.

Version 1-3

Version 2 with electronics
Version 4 I splited up in two parts so it is easier to get it on the wrist and using smal magnets to hold the parts together.

Freshly printed

Magnets glued to the bracelet

Snaps together nicely

Further improvement

Use a 144 LED/m stripe instead for 60 LED/m and add some kind of sensor so it can react to the environment. Should properly try to build in the electronics a little more into the bracelet so it do not get damage by tear and moister.

Happy hacking!

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