Monday, December 9, 2013

Electric imp automatic door lock @PinMeTo - #IoT

When we, PinMeTo, moved in to our office at MINC in the beginning of September we only had three keys to four persons and an extra key cost 500 sek so i built an automatic door lock for the door. Maybe cheaper to just buy an extra key but not as fun.

Using Everymote to open


  • Electric imp
  • Servo
  • Flex sensor
  • 22KΩ resistor
  • Raspberry pi or server for everymote 

Inside the lock.

Servo to turn the lock

Double sided adhesive and IKEA BEVARA FTW!
Flex sensor to determent if door is locked or not


Everymote lock code

Configure the url to the agent in config.js and start app.js

Happy hacking!