Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Don't look at me LED jar. #spotify #mmhw #arduino

Running test program

For Malmö music hack weekend (MMHW) I decided to hack something with LEDs. I had the idea of building a led wall that reacted on music and showed different animations. So I ordered 4 meters of 144 LED/m led stripes, a PSU to handel the load of 576 LEDs and a Teensy 3.0. Sadly I didn't finish on time for the presentations and only had the LED wall running a test program to blind the audience with at the end of the hack.

Of corse I had it sort of running before the evening was over.

A week after the hack I start rebuilding it and put it on a big IKEA jar.

Led strip splited up to 8 half a meter strains and glued to the jar.


Running test program

In action

And it can do text to!

The name "Don't look at me LED" is because of when turned up to full brightness it is really hard to look straight at it.

Want to build one? Be back in a week or so for the instructions. 
Build instruction

Happy hacking!

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