Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Candy and Raspberry Pi

After our old computer runinng give away candy had a hard drive crash, we needed a new and what better than hava a small, energy efficient and hip computer like Raspberry Pi.

The part of www.giveawaycandy.com that runes on the Raspberry Pi is the part listen to twitter and check if the twitters meet the requirements for releasing a candy i.e. containing "@_macke_" or "@sidpiraya" and "candy". The Raspberry is also responsible to stream the video feed of the candy machine to Bambuser. We are using Adafruit’s Occidentalis distro.

Due to not all of the ruby gem's we where using for the parser compiled on the Raspberry we decided to migrate it to javascript and rune it with nodejs and after about a hour hacking it was done.

New setup with Raspberry Pi

Give it a try and give us some candy :-)
Go to http://giveawaycandy.com for instructions and live stream of the candy machine.

/Marcus & Michael


  1. Hi. I noticed on Bambuser that you'd managed to stream from your Pi. I don't suppose you'd share how you managed to do it, would you?

    1. Hi Michael. Of course we can share how we did. We are writing a blog post about it and it will be finished in a few days.

  2. That's fantastic news :-) Looking forward to trying it out - the plan is to broadcast Church concerts using a Pi, a webcam and a tethered data connection to a mobile!