Monday, July 30, 2012

Canduino - Arduino connected to Everymote

Our favorit candy machine is now connected to Everymote with the help of an Arduino Ethernet.

Candy machine & Arduino

The Arduino is communicating with the Everymote cloud server using WebSocket and the protocol. All right we maybe didn't implement the full spec for the protocol just the bare minimum to get it work


  • Arduino Ethernet
  • Continuous Rotation Servo
  • Candy machine
  • M&Ms


For a live demo go to

Happy hacking

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How to install Everymote on a Beaglebone

Everymote tellstick is no running on Beaglebone with Ångström, it will probably work on other linux distribution too.

beaglebone with tellstick


Nodejs version >= 0.6.15
telldus-core version 2.1.1 how to install

Install everymote-tellstick

npm install everymote-tellstick -g

If it successfully installed you can now start it by running


or cloning the git repo and start it by using

node app.js

Auto start

Her is a example on how you can get everymote-tellstick start automaticly at startup by creating a cron job. Start by create


sleep 60
echo "started"
echo "telldusd started"

To register the script as a cron job run

crontab -e

and add the flowing last

@reboot sh /dir/to/ >/dir/to/log/cronout.log

Reboot and it should register all devices to everymote. Go to and control your devices.

Everymote is still in early development and we suport on, off and dim at the moment.