Wednesday, June 13, 2012

everymote - a remote for web of things

everymote is our take on internet of things (IoT) and web of things.

We believe it should be easy to find information and interact with things and services near you. We believe that is not any difference between virtual and physical things in the era of internet connected things.

On iPhone

everymote is a web app that works in most of the modern browsers. So you can use it from an iPhone, iPad, android, windows phone or a regular computer without the need of installing anything. You only need to go to and all the things and services that are registered at your location will show up and be ready to use. No configuration need to be done.

Things and services connect to everymote by telling what to display for the client and if it is grant acces to it by location (geo) or IP.  

Access model for everymote

At the moment we have a integration to Telldus tellstick that takes all your devices connected to it and register them to everymote. We also have a remote controle for Spotify that lets you do the basic stuff you usually expect frome a remote control. There is also work on a plugin for web players such as youtify to easy connect to everymote.

If you want to test everymote go to and open in a new browser window or on you phone if it is connected to the same network as your computer.

Team everymote Michael, Marcus and Pablo

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