Tuesday, June 8, 2010

www.marbleart.tv released

This time have we done what we call #marbleart.tv. This is a real-time twitter connected artwork done together with CROWD and sponsored by Skanska. The installation is released as a part of the real-time conference Moving Images in Malmö.

This twitter experiment enabling twitter users real time interaction with a physical art installation. The installation is a pyramid made from 5000 marbles, triggered by 5000 tweets. On it`s way to the pyramid each marble falls into a marble run filled with ramps, tunnels, pinwheels.

Join by tweet #marbleart.tv and view the action at www.marbleart.tv

And that's not all, you can go bananas on it by controlling a lot of other stuff like:
"#marbleart.tv loop" going to the loop side.
"#marbelart.tv right" or left command will control the 2:nd track
"#marbleart.tv disco" turn on disco light

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