Monday, May 17, 2010

Thoughtmade 1.0 is over.

The candy machine was a huge hit and we are very happy to say that even if we had some downtimes we delivered about 1300 candies to visitors at minc and the thoughtmade event.
The live stream on bambuser was one of the most view that week and even on that month with more than 9000 views :-)

The candy machine was standing at minc the week leading up to thoughtmade and moved to inkonst the final day for the event.

This machine was connected to twitter and triggered in real-time for the tag #thoughtmade.

Here are some of the stuff that have been written about the machine and the event:

You can still "give @sidpiraya candy" see the original site

Are you interested in having one of these machines for your event or other ideas you think we can help you with please contact us.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Candy machine featured in MAKE

WOW, we are very happy to see that we are on MAKE:

Candy machine at #ThoughtMade

We have now build one more candy machine, this one is more portable and running more close to realtime, its first mission is to be on:

So don`t miss to tweet #thoughtmade and you can pick up some candy at minc in malmö where the machine will be plased until thursday (13/5) night before we move it to inkonst to be part of the big day with TEDxÖresund and ThoughtMade on Friday the 14/5.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Give Away Candy

slickstreamer the twitter enabled candy machine

The first machine and implementation we did gives a candy to Michael (@sidpiraya) every time someone in the world write the a message like "give @sidpiraya candy" or "@sidpiraya #candy" on twitter, and of curse you can see it be delivered at the live stream.

The site for this project is, Michael has also written a short history post on his blog :